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Hey guys - if anyone's still around and interested, I have an original release of American Jet Set for sale on eBay.

Let me know if you're interested, and we can work out a deal: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kill-Hannah-American-Jet-Set-CD-original-1999-release-EXCELLENT-out-of-print-/300946939690?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item4611d5df2a


Hey guys! I'm going to college and need some dollar bill$, so I'm parting with most of my KH merch. Check it out!


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19 January 2011 @ 04:54 pm
Hey friends,

I realize this comm is mostly dead (heck, I've logged on livejournal once in the past year or so) but I have a request. I'm on a search for the pre-until-there's-nothing-left-of-us blog. It had entries by everyone, even Garrett, but I think it was mostly Mat and Jonny. I believe some of it was written while recording FNAE. I think it was hosted on a record label website. The most recent I can remember accessing it must have been two years ago. At one point, the website was starting to fail so badly, I copied and pasted it all, but I have since lost that file.
Thanks in advance

From Chicago to Nashville, the Unwanted stay strong! 
22 September 2010 @ 02:51 pm
DON'T CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW! It's an NSFW link, not to mention it's a popup add as well.
15 September 2010 @ 10:28 am
I'm, an avid KH fan, but alot of their stuff is out of print (as y'all probably know). I'm bolding the albums I NEED and would like anyone with the other albums to post a link--- if they have the time to upload to someplace for file sharing, like, say, mediafire? I'd love ya forever and ever. xo!


[edit]Studio albums
Year Title Record Label
1996 The Beauty in Sinking Ships Self-Released
1998 Here Are the Young Moderns Self-Released
1999 American Jet Set Arcadeltic Records

2003 For Never & Ever Atlantic Records
2006 Until There's Nothing Left of Us Atlantic Records
2009 Wake Up The Sleepers Original Signal Recordings/Universal Motown Records
Year Title Record Label
1996 Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets Self-Released
1996 Sleeping Like Electric Eels Self-Released
1997 Stunt Pilots Self-Released
2001 Unreleased Cuts 2000/2001 Self-Released
2002 Kill Hannah Tour EP Self-Released

2006 Lips Like Morphine EP Atlantic Records
2004 The Curse of Kill Hannah Self-Released
2008 Hope for the Hopeless Self-Released
Lovesick/Nerve Gas (Cassette Promo) (1997)
All That He Wants (American Jet Set) (3-Track Single) (1999)
Welcome To Chicago, Motherfucker (1-Track Single) (2000)
Kill Hannah Sampler (Kennedy/Big Shot 'Snippet') (2003)
Kennedy (1-Track Single) (2003)
1993-1999 (5-Track CD with four older songs plus "Goodnight, Goodbye".) (2003)
A New Heart For Christmas (1-Track Single) (2003)
Lips Like Morphine (1-Track Single) (2006)
Lips Like Morphine 'Remixes' (2006)
Crazy Angel 'Remixes' (2007)
Boys And Girls (Promo 3-Track Single) (2008)
New York City Speed Remix Maxi-Single Itunes Download (June/2010)
Welcome to Chicago (December, 2005)
New Heart for X-Mas 6 Limited Edition (December, 2008)
Seize The Days (December 2008) [6]

thanks, sarah
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25 July 2010 @ 12:02 am
The new issue of Black Velvet is out now with my 2 page interview with Mat (and Birmingham UK gig review). It's issue 65 with Davey Havok on the cover.

'Kill Hannah’s Mat Devine reveals how Amanda Palmer and Benji Madden make him feel like a lazy, softcore failure, how he’d like to be a worldly ‘artor’ (with five or six Keira Knightly clones), how ex-bandmate Jonny Radtke will always be one of his best friends and they’ll always make music together, and how ‘Fieldy’s Dreams’ gets his vote for the world’s number one comedy album of all time.'

More info is at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com
13 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
Hey kids!

I got my pictures from the Kill Hannah / Pumpkins show in Columbus up. And I made a new Facebook Photo Page to celebrate the whole thing. Check it out! :)


28 June 2010 @ 12:38 am
First off,
Http://www.killhannah.net has new message boards! Please register and join the conversations. :) http://fans.killhannah.net


My brother got a chance to remix New York City Speed!
These are NOT official Remixes. These are purely UNOFFICIAL FAN REMIXES that the guys liked and let us share them with you.


Enjoy and please give us your opinions on them. Smiley

Thanks to Kill Hannah for giving us permission to distribute these and for giving my brother the chance to make some FAN remixes of this song. Smiley
13 May 2010 @ 12:05 pm
new video from 'dont stop believing' from another angle. pics of dan from announcing drum off